Project Gallery

In Focus Contracting is the PEI contractor that pays special attention to the smallest details, ensuring your complete satisfaction with your home renovation.

Ever wonder why some home renovation projects look just a bit more polished and pleasing than others? Looking to bring your home renovations ideas to life, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. At In Focus Contracting, we are the PEI contractor that makes your home renovation dream a reality.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are our speciality. As a PEI contractor we value the memories that our customers make in their kitchens. Kitchens are usually the heart of the home, and the focal point of any home renovation. Well thought out finishing, alignments, spacing, and design choices are a few elements that lend a professional and high quality result to your home remodel.

Bathrooms are another high traffic space that require a high degree of functionality in addition to comfort of use. We look at who's using the bathroom and how to ensure that the remodel meets your needs. Every homeowner wants a bathroom space that works efficiently, but also has a clean and fresh appeal. This is where we deliver satisfaction time and time again.

At In Focus Contracting, we understand that how you use and function in your home affects layout, material choices, and the outcome of your home renovation.

Have a look at our project gallery to see how we have brought ideas to life for many highly satisfied homeowners.